Hardware projects, software, and technical documentation


On this page you'll find some of the software, hardware, and technical documentation that I've created.


Here are some tools that can be useful for GIS work:

Adding Bluetooth to a Garmin ForeTrex 101

A simple modification to add Bluetooth output to a Garmin ForeTrex 101 GPS. I'm using this to provide location data to an Android tablet that doesn't have a built-in GPS.

Parallax Propeller

I've written a few things for the Parallax Propeller microcontroller:

LED strip light circuits

tabby - X11 driver for the Tabby graphics tablet

This program provides an X-Windows driver for the original Tabby graphics tablet. Also included is reverse-engineered documentation of the Tabby serial protocol.

Migrating a Linux boot partition to RAID-1

This document explains how to convert the boot disk of a Linux system to a bootable RAID-1 (mirrored) array using the native Linux drivers.


IFSwitch is a small utility that allows one to dynamically choose the network settings of a Linux system. It is designed primarily for laptop users who want to easily change their network address depending on whether they are at home, at work, etc.


ISpy is a simple network monitoring tool for Linux and Unix systems. It watches a user-defined set of ports and sends an email alert when any of the monitored ports changes status. I used this for monitoring before I started using Netsaint.