Software, hardware, and technical documentation


On this page you'll find some of the software, hardware, and technical documentation that I've created.


Here are some tools that can be useful for GIS work:


Here is some of the Perl code that I've written:

Adding Bluetooth to a Garmin ForeTrex 101

A simple modification to add Bluetooth output to a Garmin ForeTrex 101 GPS. I'm using this to provide location data to an Android tablet that doesn't have a built-in GPS.

Parallax Propeller

I've written a few things for the Parallax Propeller microcontroller:

LED strip light circuits

tabby - X11 driver for the Tabby graphics tablet

This program provides an X-Windows driver for the original Tabby graphics tablet. Also included is reverse-engineered documentation of the Tabby serial protocol.

Migrating a Linux boot partition to RAID-1

This document explains how to convert the boot disk of a Linux system to a bootable RAID-1 (mirrored) array using the native Linux drivers.


IFSwitch is a small utility that allows one to dynamically choose the network settings of a Linux system. It is designed primarily for laptop users who want to easily change their network address depending on whether they are at home, at work, etc.


ISpy is a simple network monitoring tool for Linux and Unix systems. It watches a user-defined set of ports and sends an email alert when any of the monitored ports changes status. I used this for monitoring before I started using Netsaint (offsite link).