Section: ISpy state file (5)


ispy.conf - ISpy state file


ISpy uses this file to keep track of the state of the ports it is monitoring from one invocation to the next. This file is located by default in /etc/ispy.state, but if that file does not exist ISpy also checks in the user's home directory and in the current directory. In addition, the file's location can be specified by using the --state commandline option.


ispy.conf is a flat text file containing the last known state for the various ports being monitored by ISpy. Comments may be included in the file by placing a # character at the beginning of the comment line. All other non-blank lines are considered to be state definitions. A state definition line appears has the following format:

      state : host : port : protocol

state is a single character, either - or + (signifying 'down' and 'up' respectively), and the host, port, and protocol fields correspond to those listed in ispy.conf. Note that this file is generated automatically by ISpy and as such should not be edited.


None known.


Alexander Hajnal <>


ispy(1), ispy.conf(5)


Copyright (C) 2001 Alexander Hajnal

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