Recycling Tips & Eco-Friendly Advice - A few notes on recycling
Recycling Tips & Eco-Friendly Advice

A few notes on recycling

One simple thing you can do is not take a bag when you make a small purchase (especially a soda or something that you will consume immediately). If you plan on shopping take a bag with you. Preferably a cloth bag, but if you already have a plastic bags saved then reuse them. If you stop and think if you really need it (a bag or whatever object with extra packaging) you can really make a difference. There is an unbelievable amount of waste on completely unnecessary things. Locate either a recycling center in your neighborhood or check into curbside recycling. Newspapers, glass and cans can be recycled easily - just clean them. But it doesn't stop there. Find out what items your neighborhood recycles - there are probably more than you realize. You can help preserve resources, prevent excess garbage that will be dumped into landfills or left floating in the streets. And consider Precycling. When you are shopping, look over packaging. By purchasing items in bulk or getting fruits and veggies loose rather than prepackaged in plastic you instantly reduce what you will throw away. There is a lot that can be done, without a lot of effort if you just stop and think about what you are doing and the impact that your actions will have. Every little bit helps, so think it through.

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