The Roaring 20's

Jazz Age Music in RealAudio

Now that I have a bit more space on my web server, I'm pleased to present a few of my favorite 78s in RealAudio. These were recorded on my 1924 Victrola and represent the best of my collection. Enjoy!


Maintaining Your Victrola

Do you have an old Victrola that's been sitting in some dusty attic for years? Would you love to use it but find that the manual has long since vanished? If so you're in luck. I have transcribed the original Victrola manual (ca. 1924) that came with the Victrola that I own. It covers basic use and maintenance in a fairly generalized fashion so it's probably useful for info on other brands of phonographs as well. (Hint: it looks best in a 21 point serif font like Times or Bitstream Charter)

In converting the manual to HTML I tried to keep the layout as close to the original as possible, and with the illustrations in place it's a fairly faithful rendition of the original. Note that this page has a few largish pictures (~300Kb total) and is thus might take a while to load, so if you've got a slow link please be patient. Also available are all the pages in JPEG format (~200Kb), scanned @ 75dpi.




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