Recycling Tips & Eco-Friendly Advice - Precycling
Recycling Tips & Eco-Friendly Advice


Consider the products and packaging you're using, eliminate any extra waste beforehand and also use recyclable products. Here are some simple things to do:

  • Don't take bags when making a small purchase
  • Use a reusable cloth or string bag when shopping, not plastic or paper
  • Use sponges instead of paper towels, and cloth napkins instead of paper
  • Look for containers that can be reused or at least recycled (glass and aluminum). Reusable containers are an even better way of recycling.
  • Don't buy single use, throw-away products (such as razors, plastic utensils, paper plates, etc.) - look for ones that can be used repetitively.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables, grains, pastas and any loose items without packaging (especially avoid styrofoam and plastic packaging)
  • Don't buy plastic
  • If it is possible to find dairies that refill milk containers in a refillable and reusable bottle. likewise honey and peanut butter can be purchased in refillable bulk containers. Try eco-minded health food stores.
  • Avoid the "aseptic drink box" made of layers of paper, plastic and aluminum - it can not be recycled. Instead use drink containers that are reusable or at least recycled. Anyone have any alternatives to buying soy-milk that is not in these sort of containers??
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