Recycling Tips & Eco-Friendly Advice - Reuse and Recycle Paper
Recycling Tips & Eco-Friendly Advice

Reuse and Recycle Paper

  • Use both sides of paper when copying and writing
  • Share magazines and newspapers with friends or donate your already read ones to hospitals, doctors offices, or community places.
  • Use common sense and your imagination... all paper / junk mail, etc. can be used as note paper. Look for organizations that will accept used paper and organize a collection system in your school or workplace.
  • NYC now has curbside recycling pickup for plain paper, junkmail, etc. Remember though that re-using is preferable to recycling.
  • Create a demand for recycled paper by using recycled printing and writing paper. Support local recycling efforts. Find out how much secondary (waste) fiber it contains vs. how much was derived from post-consumer waste paper, also whether the paper is de-inked, bleached or dyed.
  • Cancel unnecessary magazine subscriptions.
  • Stop junk mail. To have your name removed from mailing lists write to Direct Marketing Service / 11 West 42nd Street / PO Box 3861 / NY NY 10163
  • Phone books can be recycled with newsprint (curbside collection in NYC)
  • Cardboard boxes: flatten them and tie them up. Some recycling centers accept them, if not try grocery chains who have bailers and reclaim all cardboard. (NYC now has curbside collection for cardboard)
  • Brown paper bags can be recycled with corrugated cardboard.
  • Take advantage of libraries.
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