The Roaring 20's

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Audio Related Sites
  • Rose & Gracey's Antiques - A store "specializing in pre-1929 spring-driven phonographs & talking machines." Needles, parts, books, memorabilia and restoration services also available. Be sure to check out the phonograph gallery.
  • The Victor Pages - This was a really nicely done site with lots of stuff about the Victor Talking Machine including history, Real Audio sound clips, Victor factory tour, and more. This site (formerly hosted by UBS Musicom Productions) has been down for quite a long time. If anyone knows the site's new location or knows how to reach the site's author please email me. Thanks.
  • Helmut Weber's Gramophone Hobby Page - Early sound clips, information on dating 78 rpm records, a massive page of links and more.
  • His Master's Voice (image)
  • Wolverine Antique Music Society - "formed for the promotion, preservation and proliferation of music originally recorded using analog means at 78 revolutions per minute, (or there abouts)." Of particular interest are the 78-related text files.
  • Tim Gracyk's Home Page - Info about vintage recordings and bios of the people who recorded them.
  • Restoring Your Victrola's Appearance- A DIY project
  • P & L Antiques & Collectibles - Sale, repair, and restoration of antique phonographs. Also audio cassette copies of vintage music.
  • Nipperscape - A page devoted to the canine we all know and love.
  • Bill's Clock Shop - Repair and tuning of various brands of antique phonographs.
  • Canadian Antique Phonograph Society - This is actually the Society's link page featuring pointers to lots of great sites.
  • Flapper Music - A peek at what music meant in the 20's and a nice selection of popular tunes in RealAudio format.
78's on Cassette
  • MC Productions - Over 200 cassette tapes available covering various Jazz Age genres. You might also want to look at their downloadable 20's music database.
  • Old Time Music Page - Cassette recordings of various genres of music from the 20's and earlier. Real Audio previews of each track are available.
  • P & L Antiques & Collectibles - 65 cassettes available covering various genres from 1900 to 1940
  • Vintage Cassettes - Jazz, dance, vocals, vaudeville, opera, and more from the 20's. Some tracks previewable using Real Audio.




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