The Roaring 20's

78 RPM Recordings

  Lazy   -  Fox Trot 
Record: Victor 19299-B      (Black label, Spanish)
Composer: (Irving Berlin)
Performer: Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra
  The Kinkajou   -  Fox Trot 
Record: Victor 20474-B      (Black label)
Composer: (Joseph McCarty - Harry Tierney)
Performer: Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra
Vocal refrain by Billy Murray
Notes: From the Ziegfeld production "Rio Rita"
  Fair Co-Ed   -  Fox Trot with Vocal Chorus 
Record: Diva 2542-G      (Matrix 144950)
Composer: (Axt. Mendoa and Bryan)
Performer: Frank Farrel and His Greenwich Village Inn Orchestra
  Marvelous   -  Fox Trot with Vocal Chorus 
Record: Diva 2542-G      (Matrix 145230)
Composer: (De Rose and Breen)
Performer: Lou Gold and His Orchestra
  Tuck Me Away In My Old 'Tucky Home   -  Fox Trot 
Record: Victor 18820-A      (Black label)
Composer: (Louis - Young - Meyer)
Performer: The Benson Orchestra of Chicago under the direction of Roy Bargy
  Wabash Blues   -  Fox Trot 
Record: Victor 18820-B      (Black label)
Composer: (Fred Meinken)
Performer: The Benson Orchestra of Chicago under the direction of Roy Bargy
  If I Had a Girl Like You   -  Duet with Piano 
Record: Victor 19795      (Black Label - Novelty)
Composer: (Rose - Dixon - Henderson)
Performer: Aileen Stanley - Billy Murray - Frank Banta at the piano
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    To hear the recordings on this page, you need the RealAudio player, version 3 or later. This is a free download , and versions are available for Unix, Mac, OS/2 and Windows. A connection speed of 28.8bps or better is recommended.

About the Recordings

    The recordings on this page are from my collection of 78 RPM records. They were played back on my 1924 hand - cranked Victrola. The recordings were digitized at 44.1 kHz on a Linux workstation using Multitrack 2.1 and compressed using the RealAudio 3.0, 28.8 Mono, full response codec from the RealEncoder 4 SDK. Apart from removing the hiss from the beginning and end of each track, no modifications were made to the original recordings. It is my belief that all of the recordings presented here are in the public domain; feel free to email me if this is not the case. Regardless, the recordings presented here are for non-commercial use only.

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